I Seminari di Coesione e Diritto | 2016/17

Presentazione del programma di Clinica legale in collaborazione con la Croce Rossa Italiana



L’insegnamento Clinico-Legale in Europa:  dati, teorie e analisi

Clinical Legal Education in Europe: an Overview


Chair | Introductory Remarks | Rosario Sapienza | University of Catania
Teaching Law in Action: Aims,  Methodologies and Challenges in Italy


Guest Speaker

ZVONIMIR JELINIĆ | University of Osijek
Clinical Education in Croatia. Prospects and Challenges

Clinical Education in Croatia does not have too long history, but there is a long list of facts and circumstances of formal and informal nature that have shaped the situation we have now. The presenter will speak about different aspects of Croatian Clinical Legal Education; the legal background and the system of free legal aid, the way clinics are positioned within the faculty curricula, the way they operate in practice etc. The presenter will also reflect on his own experiences about running a clinical project in Croatia.


Concluding Remarks | Adriana Di Stefano | University of Catania

La Clinica giuridica come Osservatorio sul Diritto:
prospettive teoriche e di ricerca


Presentazione della Clinica Legale “Coesione e Diritto”
e  dell’accordo di collaborazione con la Croce Rossa Italiana