Transnational Law Reading Club | 2016/17 | Upcoming

A Monthly Book Discussion Circle at UniCT Law


Transnational Law Reading Club

Studying, researching, writing, reading, engaging with Law in a global context

A Monthly Book Discussion Circle at UniCT Law | 2016/17

Final Schedule Upcoming                                                                            Please Sign up!

Dear UniCt Staff, Students and Friends,

you are cordially invited to participate in the next Reading Groups sessions of the 2016/17 semesters at UniCt Law Department.

The selected books offer but a glimpse into crucial issues currently debated on Law and Global Governance from critical socio-legal, philosophical and anthropological perspectives. 

Our 2016 Reading Club Conference (10 December) celebrates the sixtieth anniversary of publication of Ph. Jessup’s landmark Storrs Lectures delivered in 1956 at Yale Law School, aiming at rediscovering and revisiting Jessup’s seminal ideas on Transnational Law as a new field and a new method for law in a global context as well as their theoretical and practical implications for research and legal pedagogy.

Meeting once a month, participants are invited to share their impressions of the books and other background materials they bring to the table.

If interested, please sign up with Dr. Elisabetta Mottese at

With warm regards,
The TransnationalLaw ReadingClub

When | Monthly meeting, final schedule upcoming

Where | Law Reading Room (to be confirmed)