Ph.D. Curricula

The Ph.D. Programme in Law  pursues the analysis of the multi-disciplinary and general methodological issues of legal sciences (with regard not only to the fields of positive law, but also to those areas specifically involving historical and philosophical questions) developing argumentation skills and qualified legal research tools through domestic, transnational, European, foreign and comparative law perspectives.

Approaching from a generalist perspective the training of legal experts fully aware of the complexities of today’s national and transnational laws and practices, the Course proposes 13 curricula, focusing on a plurality of disciplines and research areas of legal sciences, all of which displaying a direct or indirect European and international relevance.

All curricula aim at training scholars and professional legal experts focusing, from different disciplinary perspectives, on questions stemming from the interactions between national, supranational and international legal orders.

Curriculum 1: Private Law and Comparative Private Law

Curriculum 2: Business Law

Curriculum 3: Constitutional Law, Comparative Public Law and Ecclesiastical Law

Curriculum 4: Administrative Law

Curriculum 5: History of Medieval and Modern Law

Curriculum 6: Civil Procedural Law

Curriculum  7: Criminal Law

Curriculum 8: Roman and ancient law

Curriculum 9: Labour Law

Curriculum 10: Tax Law

Curriculum 11: Criminal Procedural Law

Curriculum  12: Philosophy of Law

Curriculum  13: International Law and European Union Law