Recruitment procedure

To be admitted to the Ph.D. Programme in Law you must hold a master degree or a suitable equivalent foreign qualification. You must also pass the selection examinations as stated in the Call for Applications published annually.

Those applicants having obtained a foreign degree that has not been declared to be equivalent to an Italian degree at the date of the publication of the Call, must explicitly ask for eligibility – for the only purpose to be admitted to the PhD recruitment procedure – according to the conditions established by the Call.

At least three of the positions on offer are regularly covered by scholarships.

The doctorate involves the planning and execution of an original research project, individual in-depth study as well as research programs exchanges with other Universities and Research Centres in Europe and beyond.

Selection procedure
The selection procedure aims to assess the skills and attitudes of the applicants relating to scientific works in the context of the Ph.D. Curricula, on the basis of the submitted research project academic qualifications, other relevant titles, a written test (requiring a paper to be finalized on topics proposed from the different disciplinary fields) and an interview (focused on the discussion of the written test as well as of the research project and followed by the foreign language-knowledge test). Successful applicants will be admitted according to a ranking list, up to the amount of available seats. 

The necessary procedures to carry out the written and the oral tests, in compliance with the criteria and requirements assessed by University regulations, the Call for applications and the relevant legislation, fall within the discretion of the  selection committee.

Candidates admitted to the PhD course cannot be simultaneously enrolled in different university programmes.

Our doctoral programme mainly uses Italian, English and Spanish as working language.

Research supervisors and co-supervisors
External academics (not being part of the Doctoral Programme Management) can be assigned as co-supervisors of Ph.D. candidates as to oversee their research agenda together with their internal Committee supervisor.