The Centre of Research on International Organizations (CRIO) is an initiative promoted by the International Law Chair at the University of Catania Law School designed to offer to Law & Social Sciences students and young lawyers & scholars a focused insight into the world of International Institutions and Associations of the International Civil Society.

Focusing on an interdisciplinary approach, The CRIO Initiative aims at promoting research and academic events, such as workshops and seminars, teaching and training programs in an interactive environment, working as a venue for international meetings, and sessions.

The Initiative promotes independent Studies, Research and Review Papers, devoting special attention to international issues and to actors operating in the broad Mediterranean area.

Staff & Contacts
Prof. Rosario Sapienza, Convenor of the CRIO Initiative

The CRIO Initiative also supports the creation of the CRIO WORKSHOP, a project-based learning, sponsored by the International Law Chair, in cooperation with the International Law Students Association at Catania University.

  • The CRIO Workshop

The CRIO Workshop aims at introducing students to alternative methods of learning of International and EU Law through peer to peer education, cooperative learning, mastery learning and mooting.

The CRIO Workshop is engaged in building up a new generation of young scholars with an international outlook, sponsoring seminar series, conferences, moot court competitions and students’ journal initiatives, such as CRIO PAPERS.  

Through the use of alternative methods of obtaining and sharing information other than traditional didactic curricula, CRIO Workshop inspires students to obtain a deeper knowledge of International and EU Law, simultaneously developing cross-curriculum skills.  

The CRIO Workshop's purpose is also to provide a student-led forum for developing knowledge, sharing experiences, and promoting career opportunities within the field of international and EU Law at the University of Catania School of Law. 
It endeavors to work closely with  local, national and international institutions and organizations, both public and private, to provide meaningful opportunities for learning, project-based research, and career assistance to students within the Law School. Acting in close cooperation with the International Law Students Association (ILSA), Catania Chapter, the CRIO Workshop is working towards deepening the alumni-student network to learn about career opportunities in international law and international affairs. CRIO provides students with monthly meeting points support as well as with online database resources allowing students to navigate job placements more easily and to get in contact with potential recruiters.
We encourage all students to attend CRIO-sponsored events and conferences and to come up to meet with a member of our board for more information about how to get involved!

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