International Law at University of Catania Law School

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International Law at University of Catania Law School

Catania Law School’s academic curriculum in the area of international Law and EU Law offers students a range of topics and specialized focus providing an array of traditional classroom courses, smaller seminars, workshops and experiential learning opportunities. 

  • Classroom Courses
    - Public International Law (PIL): 9 CFU  (Italian classes A-L, M-Z, I Semester)
    - European Union Law (EUL): 9 CFU (Italian classes A-L, M-Z, II Semester)
    - Private international law (PrivIL): 7 CFU (Italian class A-Z, II Semester)
    - Selected Topics in Public International law (STiPIL) (English class A-Z, till 2015/16, II Semester)
    - Transnational Law (TL) Course (English class A-Z, starting 2016/2017, II Semester)
  • CRIO Workshops, Specialized Courses, Experiential Learning & Mooting Programs
    - Il Diritto Internazionale nel Processo Italiano: Processo Simulato in Materia Internazionalistica (5 CFU, 30 Class hours A-Z, II Semester): International Human Rights Law: Methods and Theories
    - Migrazioni, diritti e confini: strategie europee e dimensioni locali (3 CFU, 18 Class hours, II Semester): Migration and Asylum Law, Lab Co-teached by Teresa Consoli and Adriana Di Stefano
    - Lineamenti di Giustizia Europea (4 CFU, 24 Class Hours A-Z, I Semester) 2015/16: EU and ECHR case-law seminars
  • International Mooting Seminars and Training Programs
  • A key strength of the International Law Chair at Catania Law School is the support it offers for mooting and training initiatives.

    Our internationally-focused Programs offer a catalogue of opportunities available to law students and postgraduates who wish to pursue international activities and careers in Italy and abroad.
    The Law Department’s international law workshops occupy a central place in its intellectual life, approaching many interdisciplinary legal issues from a global law school perspective.  Professionals, academics and leading legal thinkers visit Catania Law School every year to instruct students in international, EU and transnational law in the framework of the CRIO Initiative  and the Cohesion & Law Seminar.
    - The CRIO Initiative hosts a standing Workshop which aims to include law students in academic debates, frequently allowing them to engage as active participants in discussions over cutting-edge legal issues.  These include the International Law Seminar Series (ILSS) as well as periodic research seminars open to senior students and providing them with opportunities to compile and edit materials on specialized legal topics from international organizations.

     -Logo Coesione e Diritto The Cohesion & Law Seminar is a post-graduate training, teaching and research professional network. 
  • The Law Library | Sections of Public and private international Law | EU Law 
    Via Gallo 24, III floor

    In support of our student and faculty interest in this area, the Law Library has an extensive collection of foreign, comparative and international legal materials (printed and electronic resources), and librarians trained in specialized legal research (see the Reference Office).

    The international collection is very strong in public international law, especially humanitarian law, international criminal law and human rights law.  Private international law is of increasing importance particularly in the areas of family law and personal statutes. The Law Library also develops collections in International Organizations law, Theory and history of international law, transnational law, EU law, foreign and comparative law and a sizable collection of materials relating to international relations and contemporary international legal issues.  
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