Erasmus Students

Dear Students,
welcome to Catania!

The Law Department hosts many incoming Erasmus students every year. We hope you will enjoy a fruitful stay in Italy.

For any useful information about your exchange learning experience, please, contact: 

- the Erasmus  and International Programs Coordinator at Villa Cerami, Prof. Emilio Castorina (
- our international Didactic Unit  Office (Ms. Rosi Zanghì) 
- visit the International web page at
- and check the Incoming Erasmus Students Guidelines

2023/2024 Courses Catalogue is available!


Erasmus Tutors

An Erasmus tutor is a student of the Catania Law Department who will help you in many ways  during your Erasmus experience: picking you up at your arrival at Villa Cerami, showing you the Law School venues and activities, helping you making new friends, escorting you to the International Relations Office for your check-in.

Erasmus Tutors 2023/2024

I semester II semester

Foto Simona Pontillo
Simona Pontillo

Sveva Palazzolo
Giovedì ore 15-17

Erasmus Tutors 2021/2022

I semester II semester

Ester Palidda


Erasmus Tutors 2020/2021

I semester II semester

Giuseppe Corsaro
Giuseppe Corsaro


Erasmus Tutors 2018/2019

I semester II semester

Giovanni Zappalà
Giovanni Zappalà

Carla Pisi
Carla Pisi

Erasmus Tutors 2017/2018

                    I and II semester  

    Foto Veronica
            Veronica Monelli


Erasmus Tutors 2016/2017

I semester II semester
Lorena Pernicano

Foto Giuliana
Giuliana Caponnetto

Tasks of an Erasmus Tutor
An Erasmus Tutor assists Erasmus incoming students; each Tutor is committed to helping up to 3  assigned foreign students. His/ Her tasks are, inter alia:
sending  general information by email to his/her associated Erasmus incoming students before their arrival in order to establish a first contact;
associating with Erasmus incoming students by introducing them to the International Didactic Unit and helping them with bureaucracy and administrative tasks;
introducing  them to the Erasmus coordinator, to senior and junior Faculty members and students’ representatives; 
providing insights on seminars, laboratories, social and cultural initiatives;  sharing news on the city and students’ life.

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