Arrivederci a Catania | On your departure

Departure procedures

At the end of their mobility, students must visit the International Didactic Unit (IDU) with original copies of:
  • student card; learning agreement;
  • evaluation certificates (attesting passed and failed exams);
  • lessons attendance.
The IDU, once it has checked all documents, will issue a Recongnition Outcomes certificate and give it, in a closed envelope, to the student, who must then visit the International Relations Office (IRO) in order to complete the procedure and get the final signature on the Recongnition Outcomes certificate.
In order to get this certificate, students must come in person to the office during office hours as they are not allowed to delegate other people.

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Delegato per la mobilità internazionale in Ateneo: Prof.ssa Adriana Di Stefano
Delegato per la mobilità internazionale in Dipartimento: Prof. Emilio Castorina
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Download:Guide for foreign Universities - ECTS Information Package


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