2015-2016 Visitors


Saša Zagorc

Saša Zagorc  | University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Law |  Settembre 2016

Saša Zagorc (sasa.zagorc@pf.uni-lj.si) is professor and head of the department for constitutional law at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana. He lectures Constitutional law, European constitutional law and European human rights law courses. From 2003, he also coordinates and lectures at the “Legal clinic for foreigners and refugees”. He is member of Odysseus Network, academic network for legal studies in migration and asylum in Europe. He also likes sports and Italian cuisine.

Maria Dolores Bollo Arocena | Universidad del País Vasco | maggio 2016

Alexandre Pazos Pérez | Universidad de Vigo | maggio 2016

Edurne Terradillos Ormaetxea | Universidad del País Vasco | maggio 2016

Rosa Rodríguez Martín-Retortillo | Universidad de Vigo | maggio 2016

Raimundas KalesnykasUniversity of Kazimieras Simonavicius | maggio 2016

Janusz Slugocki | University of Szczecin | maggio 2016

Zoila Combalìa | Universidad de Zaragoza |
maggio 2016

Pilar Diago | Universidad de Zaragoza
| maggio 2016

Nicolas Garcia Rivas | Università di Castilla La Mancha | aprile 2016

Santiago Cañamares Arribas | Universidad Complutense de Madrid | novembre 2015

Ann Genovese Associate Professor Ann Genovese, Melbourne Law School
a.genovese@unimelb.edu.au (Visiting at UniCt Law: April-June 2016)

BIO: Ann Genovese is an historian of modern Australian jurisprudence.Her work focuses on understanding how Law and History relate to each other conceptually,  in order to bring to life stories of how Australians have lived, practiced and experienced their law since 1950. She has explored these concerns across multiple research projects. These include histories of family law, histories of indigenous litigation, histories of Australia told through public trials, histories of Australian feminist jurisprudence, methodological enquiries into the role of historians as experts in courts, and the responsibilities of Australian courts as archival institutions. Ann has been the recipient of four Australian Research Council Grants to assist with these projects. She has published across the fields of history, feminist theory, indigenous studies, and law, and her publications include (with Ann Curthoys and Alexander Reilly) Rights and Redemption: History, Law and Indigenous People, University of New South Wales Press Ltd, 2008; (with Julie Evans, Alexander Reilly and Patrick Wolfe) the edited collection Sovereignty: Frontiers of Possibility (University of Hawaii Press. 2013). Ann is on the Editorial Board of the Australian Feminist Law Journal. She teaches the subjects Public Trials and Administrative Law at Melbourne Law School.

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