Legal Clinic “Coesione e Diritto”



The Law Clinic Coesione e Diritto is an advanced legal training program in International and European Law promoted by the International Law Department at the University of Catania.
Within the framework of the learning by doing approach and the University “Third Mission” initiatives, the Program aims at training young lawyers in enhancing practical legal skills, according to the methodologies of clinical teaching.

Between innovation of educational models and social commitment, the Legal Clinic provides students with the opportunity to participate in free legal assistance teams, develop defensive strategies, draft opinions and carry out research and second level legal advices.
Participants are also trained to conduct negotiations and mediation activities, interacting with other social actors in compliance with codes of conduct, promoting legal information campaigns and guaranteeing fundamental rights.
Professors at the International Law Department, as well as tutors and Ph.D. students, support and coordinate the activities of the Legal Clinic Coesione e Diritto.

The Legal Clinic is the result of a joint initiative sponsored by Professors of International and European Law and a group of young researchers and lawyers, founding members of the Centro Studi Coesione e Diritto at the University of Catania.
The main purpose of the clinic is to set up an Observatory Working Team on research, methodology and clinical teaching.
Thanks to the contribution of International Human Rights Law and European Migration and Asylum Law studies, the clinic promotes the development of social justice practices, increasing compliance with models of international protection for vulnerable individuals and groups.
The Clinic and its Observatory Team coordinate every year a Joint Working Group made up of young students and graduates, who work together with the aim of providing solution to real cases according to the perspective of public interest lawyering.

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