Before your arrival

Step 1.  Application process

After being selected by your home university, please carefully read the Erasmus Study - Incoming Students Guidelines

Step 2.  Check your Italian

See the on line Linguistic Support Service.
Please consider the CLMA and Italian As A Foreign Language courses.
What a great chance to improve your Italian!

Step 3. Learning agreement

Before filling in your learning agreement, please have a look at the Catalogue of Law Courses and at the ones taught in English: 

Please note that the minimum ECTS credits to be accepted in Catania is 9. A learning agreement must include at least 70% of courses given within the Law Department and maximum 30% of courses given in other Departments.

Remember that a minimum 60% rate of classes attendance is required for each course.

Remember that 1 ects = 6 hours of frontal lecture

  • 7 ects = about 25 hours 
  • 8 ects = about 28 hours 
  • 9 ects = about  32 hours 
  • 10 ects = about 36 hours
  • 15 ects = about 54 hours 
  • 17 ects = about 61 hours 
  • 18 ects = about 65 hours 

At this step, your learning will be provisionally approved.